Evidence-Based Advocacy

Evidence Generation and Publication Training Program

A special training program for patient advocates initiated in 2020.

Course Overview

At the end of this course, participants will have:

  • understood what evidence-based advocacy is
  • learned from examples we already have, and the challenges they experienced
  • developed methodological knowledge on how to implement evidence-based advocacy
  • understood the publishing process and know how to publish data of patient-led research, or be involved in the publication or review of clinician-led research
  • received coaching on developing a strategy for evidence-based advocacy in their WECAN member organization
  • developed a concrete project idea on evidence-based advocacy in their WECAN member organization
Contents of this course were converted to a full online course program. Visit the Evidence-Based Advocacy Fundamentals course on our online course platform.


“The sessions felt more “face to face” than other virtual training course I’ve attended through using interactive tools and Google classrooms”

“The course taught me that any patient organisation can generate evidence, you don’t need lots of prior experience or knowledge”

“I liked that the course was really accessible for beginners and the process of generating evidence was made really clear”

Patients in Publications Training Course

Patient advocates need to publish their own research and survey data, and are more and more invited to be co-authors or peer-reviewers of medical journals.

As part of this program, WECAN has collaborated with a renowned expert of patient engagement in publications, Envision Pharma Group, to develop four open-access online training module on patient involvement in publications.

The ‘Patients in Publications’ Training Course was designed by WECAN and “Envision the Patient” and co-created with patient advocates. We are most grateful to the

Patient Editorial Board members who provided valuable feedback during course development: Tamás Bereczky (EUPATI), Jan Geissler (CMLAN), Teodora Kolarova (INCA), Kathy Oliver (IBTA), Zack Pemberton-Whiteley (ALAN), Ananda Plate (MP)E, Katie Rizvi (YCE), Gilly Spurrier-Bernard (MPNE), Judith Taylor (TCA), Werner Zinkand (MPNAN).


This WECAN expert training program is hosted by EUPATI Germany on behalf of WECAN. Funding was obtained from the following industry and non-industry funders. Supporters had no role in course development.