Evidence-Based Advocacy

Patients and patient advocates may be in the best position to express what patients want and need. However, individual opinions are not always the most effective to convince researchers, healthcare providers, or regulatory decision-makers. In order to help healthcare to focus on the true needs of patients and their subpopulations, patient advocates should generate robust evidence and publish it.

Evidence-Based Patient Advocacy” means advocating in a targeted, scientific, well-educated, and professional manner to measure the impact of advocacy work. It is based on three core elements: targeted advocacy towards each respective stakeholder, use of robust data about patients’ needs and preferences, and use of the right packaging of messages to communicate the needs to the respective target group.

As part of the WECAN Academy, WECAN hosts special training programs on Evidence-based advocacy (EBA). Patient advocates nominated by WECAN member organisations are trained on evidence generation, analyzing and publishing data, and the practical use of this data to drive change.

Courses on Evidence-Based Advocacy

Strategy & Design Workshop

A two-month interactive course for participants to develop an evidence-generation project with 1:1 support from patient experts.


Patients in Publications

Open-access online course for patient advocates on how publish their own research and survey data, and how to act as co-authors or peer-reviewers


Evidence-Based Advocacy Fundamentals

An open-access online course on the basics of EBA. This course will provide overview of the major steps of any evidence-generation project.


Evidence-Based Advocacy: Evidence generation and publication

In 2020 WECAN initiated the first training program on EBA for patient advocates.