WECAN 2022 Activity Report

A Year in Review

2022 has been an eventful and turbulent year for European cancer patients. More than two years of the pandemic left its traces on cancer treatment, care, mental health and cancer research. The Ukraine war created an unprecedented humanitarian crisis and many cancer patients needed urgent support.

The WECAN community faced all those challenges and grabbed them by the horns. WECAN, the Workgroup of European Cancer Patient Advocacy Networks, undertook key programmes to strengthen the cancer patient community, engage in research, address key policy issues, generate evidence, and work with different healthcare stakeholders.

WECAN didn’t just talk, WECAN delivered.

Iniside the Report

Inside you will learn about WECAN’s achievements in 2022:

  • The WECAN community launched an open-access eLearning platform for cancer patient advocates across Europe and beyond, covering key topics like GDPR, the new EU Clinical Trial Regulation, patient involvement in publications, and evidence-based advocacy.
  • WECAN coached leading advocates on evidence-based advocacy.
  • WECAN kicked off the European Atlas on Clinical Trials in Cancer and Hematology (EuroACT) project.
  • WECAN members engaged in EU policy initiatives like the EU Cancer Mission and Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan and in EU research projects like IMI-SISAQOL.
  • WECAN coordinated support for Ukrainian cancer patients from the first days of the crisis.
  • WECAN’s initiatives were presented at 17 European meetings and conferences.

All this was done by the WECAN members and the WECAN Coordination Team.

WECAN sends a sincere thank you to all our members, sponsors and stakeholders for their collaboration, support and dedication. Your important contributions allowed the cancer patient community to achieve these milestones over the past year. We are looking forward to an even stronger 2023.

Download WECAN’s 2022 Activity Report and learn how the European cancer patient community is helping to make sure cancer patients get the support, training, and voice they deserve.