The contribution of patients and patient experts provides tangible value to other stakeholders and society that should be fairly compensated. Currently, there is no transparent and consistent system for financial compensation in place that reflects the level of individual contribution and expertise.

Compensation in the context of this survey means honoraria or other compensation by third parties (no patient organisations) for individual tasks such as advisory boards, doing presentations, providing substantial feedback, reviewing complex documents etc. Reimbursement of travel cost, daily allowances for expenses etc. do not count as financial compensation for tasks.

We appreciate your input as experienced patient advocates to assess the importance of different criteria in this context.

Please respond to the survey here – only 8 questions, only 6 minutes:

Your responses will help WECAN to formulate a clear recommendation on the current debate about “Fair Market Value” for the benefit of our patient advocacy community.

(Please note this survey is for patient advocates only, not for representatives of other stakeholders. The survey is open until 26 August 2018.)

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This survey is run by the WECAN Fair Market Value workgroup (Jan Geissler Anita Kienesberger, Ananda Plate, Bettina Ryll, Geoffrey Henning, Gilliosa Spurrier, Hans Scheurer, Judith Taylor, Kathy  Oliver, Mirjami Tran Minh, Violeta Astratinei, Susanna Leto)