Research questions of phase 2

Research I 11 June 2023 Research questions of phase 2 established Where are we at? Research questions have been drafted by the steering committee and have been reviewed and entire oncology and hematological community ensuring that the data outcomes are suited to their needs and answer questions they have around the three main

Phase 2 kick off

Research I 11 June 2023 Phase 2 kick off Phase 1 completing and now moving to Phase 2 - analysis nd of phase 1 resulted in the collection of all interventional studies (phase 2,3 or 4) in each disease area. Obtaining the data from either the clinical trial registry, or EU Clinical

Phase 1 Nears Completion

Research I 25 May 2023 EuroACT Phase 1 nears completion Where are we at? The end of Phase 1 Task 1 has resulted in 1262 Patient Related Outcomes (PROs) identified in the targeted literature review across all disease areas. The list of PROs is currently being reviewed by patient organisations in each

Phase 1 Task 1 Completed

Research I 08 Feb 2023 EuroACT Phase 1 meets halfway point The second steering committee meeting concerning the first task within Phase 1, was held on the 1st of February. The aim of task 1 was to identify the most relevant peer-reviewed articles on PROM use practices in the field of oncology

Project Kickoff – Pilot Phase

Research I 16 Nov 2022 EuroACT kicks off with a pilot phase in breast cancer On October 14, 2022, the European Atlas on Clinical Trials in Cancer and Hematology research project held its first Steering Committee meeting. The steering committee provides scrutiny and guidance to this project and represents the 27 organisations involved.

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