Basics of statistics, reading scientific papers and publications

Reading original scientific literature is the fastest and most reliable way to find out what is going on in your field. The medical progress depends on progress in science. The way science is conducted is not a law of nature but based on common principles of understanding- which can change and affect outcomes for patients. It is important to gain experience in understanding science – one can only influence what one understands.

Presentation at the WECAN Academy 2019:

Basics of statistics, reading scientific papers and publications

Presenter: Bettina Ryll, Melanoma Patients Network Europe

The following presentation held at the WECAN Academy 2019 will:

  • Focus on publication of clinical studies as most relevant to this audience
  • Will give you the opportunity to get started reading original scientific literature
  • Will provide you with a structured approach to find the relevant information in a publication that is easy to use and easy to teach
  • Will highlight relevant aspects of clinical trials in oncology to be aware of BUT Reading papers is a skill that requires continuous effort and practice

Download slides here: 0206 Ryll – Reading scientific papers


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